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Are you ready for Social Dis-tancing???!!!

So I am ready for the big game. The KC Chiefs are the nations champions, and my hometown
team. With no pre-season games to break us in, we were chomping at the bit. It wasn’t Monday
night, but I was ready for some football. Amid all that is going on in the nation, the pandemic,
civil unrest; football on a Thursday night felt…safe. But to my chagrin, there was no way on earth
that 4 quarters of football WOULDN’T be affected by the nation’s problems.
COVID and the NFL, what are they doing about it? First out the gate, the cardboard cut-outs are
laughable. We don’t need any extra entertainment; we came to watch football; I don’t want to
see the People’s Champ cuddled up with the Matriarch of England!?
We understand why the seats are empty NFL owners, at least give us some respect as the NBA
had virtual screens with what, real fans. The stadium was a ghost town, the seats were empty,
there were no food lines—nada. But guess what, prices for 2 seats in the nosebleeds were around
$360!!! Yes even though there has been a pandemic, the athletes didn’t take a pay cut, the
vendors are not giving merchandise for half price. In other words—people still got to get paid.
This is the reason they are letting anyone in the stadiums at all! I read on social media this quote
and it was quite powerful and telling of where the US stands. The quote said this, it’s a shame
how here in America we have learned to live with COVID-19 rather than get rid of it. Why, you
ask? America is a corporation built on capitalism. It’s a business. Every country eats from America
and that can NOT stop.
Then they said they placed some sort of tracker on each player so if someone comes down with
COVID they would know who they have been in contact with…. oook. I do not want to fill this up
with a lot of my opinion, because once we go down the rabbit hole, there is no going back. Is the
NFL doing something to deal with social distancing? Yes. Is it the best option? Personally no, but
in the capitalist worldview that we live in, this keeps money coming in. And if money or the bag
is #goals then…. You be the judge.
Until next time family………

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What in the Georgia Guidestones? Part 2

The guide stones have 10 suggestions and the very first one is a brow raiser and most
pertinent to our hypothesis:

Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature

It does not say how to do this. It does not say why we should do this. And as a reader if
we do not understand the text, we must get the writers intentions. SO we look at the
author. Based upon my beliefs of this message being ancient, we probably will not know
who “coined the phrase” but who paid for the erecting of this monument? The story is
“Robert C. Christian” which was not even his real name went to the Granite Finishing
Company and commissioned the structure in 1979. He stated it was on the behalf of a
“small group of loyal Americans”. That right there is enough to raise the BS alarm.
These same loyal Americans had the bank to fund it because they had been planning
the guide stones monument for 20 years!

Not to mention the stones were defaced in 2008. People sprayed “death to the new
world order” and that is not too far from the truth. The stones also mention that we
should unite humanity with a new language. One language. All nations rule internally
resolving external disputes in a world court. One rule. Some things about structured
reproduction like the “One Child Rule” in China. A lot of things that are a total 180 from
American culture. This…… is some shady ish.

So is it crazy to think that this pandemic could have been planned by a small group of
people similar to the small group of Americans in 1971 ,trying to initiate the melding of
our current worldview into the futuristic worldview we have entertained ourselves with
through The Handmaids Tale and Hunger Games. Could there be a group of elites
outside of who we read about in the papers that controls everything. Could all world
events from the Titanic to 9/11 started as mere ideas in dark forest of a Bohemian
Grove? Or a conference room in the Bilderberg Group meeting. This economic
depression could have been agreed upon in the 1970s in the Swiss Alps while Bush
and Bin Laden’s fathers shared whiskeys by a fire?

Lesson: Research for yourself. Its 2020 and its time to stop basing your knowledge on
the spoon-fed media nuggets you receive from Fox 4. Check out some actual books.
Things that cannot be modified by any Joe Schmoe. You are now in charge of your
journey for truth.
Until next time family……

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What in the Georgia Guidestones? (2 parts) Part I

COVID-19. Pandemic?
Or a strategically planned weapon of biological warfare used by the Elites for population
control? Is there any evidence to support either? There are a few items that hint at a
pandemic of this magnitude from this century: even as far back as Daniel Defoe’s A Journal
of the Plague Year c.1722! One such book has been in the forefront of the public. Dean
Koontz The Eyes of Darkness c.1981. Let us compare similarities between the book and
public knowledge of the origins of the virus:

Web MD states that: “the virus was first detected in Wuhan, China, in late 2019” Dean
Koontz in his 1981 classic states:” They call the stuff “Wuhan-400” because it was
developed at their RDNA labs outside the city of Wuhan…”

That is where the similarities end. I vaguely remember a scientist being linked to this.
Maybe just some “grapevine gossip” but I remember the story was a defection to China
from the states where a US scientist worked with Chines scientist to engineer this virus.
And yet, if you do a quick Google search of “Who created the coronavirus?”, Google
produces a myriad of topics. The first article it pulled up was about a ballet company in
Miami creating the first remote ballet. Its 2020 we all must know the media is a controlled
release of information based upon the intentions of the owners of said media.

Also we shan’t forget another massive piece of evidence to support the later part of this
hypothesis known as: The Georgia Guidestones”. Found in Elberton, Georgia also known as
“Americas Stonehenge” per the Explore Georgia website. 19 ft high with a message like
the Israelites Ten Commandments listed in Exodus 20. Written in several different
languages including Sanskrit, Egyptian Hieroglyphics and BABYLONIAN CUNEIFORM!
Ancient languages. People look at this fact and say, ah they wanted people of all nations
to be able to understand “the message”. I do not see it that way. My view is a bit more

I see that maybe the variance of languages is because these 10 “commandments” are
older than we think. Ancient. And the different languages show the timeline of the creation
of this piece. Ranging from the oldest form of language to the newest (English) Also the
different languages put together a puzzle of the different kingdoms or nations involved. As
new languages evolved the message was translated into the newer languages. Now the
real question is: ”What is “The Message”?

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COVID-19 Statement Part 2

She wasn’t happy. Camera Ready Jewelry orders were piling up due to delays with shipping because of this… virus. She shouldn’t have sent him to the store. She was so engrossed in an article she was reading about the virus. SARS CoV-2 produces a disease called COVID-19. Better known as the Coronavirus. Or as our fearless POTUS says: Chinese flu. Wow.
It was just declared a global health emergency by World Health Organization. She was so sick of hearing about washing of hands—WHEN DID WE NOT? And she was still waiting on an answer. Businesses closing, people were losing their jobs—children were out of school with nowhere to go. Parents are having to deplete their leave balances to take off to be with them. FOR AN EPIDEMIC that was out of their control? Just a few months ago her position had been prestigious—well at least honorable—ok STABLE. But now with this “Rona virus” running rampant, this virus—she was stressed.
There’s got to be more than being quarantined in this home with—him. Well, she loves him, but she had begun to enjoy her time out and about. And the children—–Let’s not talk about the children. There must be something they aren’t telling us!! She peeks out from behind her blinds towards the driveway. Still, waiting for him to come home with groceries. She pulled out her foil and Ziplock bags. She knew she had to divide up the meat into meals to ensure food would not be wasted.
He wasn’t back yet and she didn’t understand what was taking him so long. She turned on the news and instantly A PICTURE of Hypermarket filled the screen. People lined up outside the store with empty carts. Lined up to GET IN the store. She turned the TV off and tossed the remote onto the leather. She grabs her laptop and logins. She was going to get to the bottom of this.
He drove by Hypermarket and didn’t even dare turn into the parking lot. He seen the news crew in the parking lot and oh yeah, the line looping around the front of the store of people. This was the 3rd store he went to. He didn’t want to have any problems when he went home, so he was trying everywhere. He passed by Quick Casey’s his favorite morning stop before work but the only thing he could get was gas. Due to the fact gas had dropped to 1.00 per gallon. Coffee? All foods that were self-serve had been removed earlier that week. Coffee, hot dogs even fountain drinks—gone. He had to start making coffee at work—old school.
He scored a few bags of rice, sugar and a pack of salmon filets at store Number 2 but with his fare from the previous store, it still looked like not enough. He waited too long, that’s what she will say. It’s like every time he is concerned it was too late. But he had to go home. They had to figure out a plan. This virus wasn’t going to shake him up. Rumors of troops heading to every major city were flying off the rumor mills. Text messages including cryptic screenshots of conversations between military personnel including phrases like martial law, national guard. He needed answers.
And he was going to get them.

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COVID-19 Statement

Due to the recent worldwide spreading of COVID-19(Coronavirus), there have been worldwide delays for shipping– including here at the ONV Global market. You are still able to shop and complete orders but there will be shipping delays due to the worldwide epidemic. As always, thank you for being a subscriber of ONV Global; don’t forget to keep checking the site daily as new inventory and multimedia are added.

Welcome to the leading world market.

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I Love It When You Stalk Me

A review on the Netflix series “You”

Stalking, scheming, manipulation and murder for the one you love—never looked so good!

Netflix series “You” takes the viewer along a path that in the end, will make you wonder about yourself; make you do a self-check of your mental state. This series challenges your morals and sense of perception. Who doesn’t want a guy that cares about not only you but your ambitions and goals? A man with such discernment that he can tell what friend is for you and what friend is un-naturally obsessed with you. A man who helps you get over that toxic EX that you just can’t let go of—-and how he does that…. may be a little sketchy—but that’s all in your perception.

I mean I could ask you if murder is wrong and many would give an astounding yes, but if this person was causing a negative effect on the person you loved, would you think twice?

Netflix really pushes the boundaries by blending infatuation with good intentions. It makes you really consider how far you will go for someone you love. There are some definite sweet and normal moments. I mean encouraging a person to explore their relationship with their dead drug addicted father to pull something greater out of them as a writer—that’s a beautiful thing. A person who believes in you and supports you; sees something in you that no one else does, it’s invaluable. A person who pushes you to become the greatest version of you at all cost—will never betray you.

And so what if it involves a 10 X 10 plexiglass room within a soundproof basement. Stealing your broken cellphone to stay signed in to your “cloud” so he doesn’t miss an opportunity to show up at the right place at the right time. Maybe following behind you throughout your day 15 feet behind, far enough to not look obvious but close enough to not miss a single thing, I mean don’t we want someone who gets the details? How far is too far when it comes to love?

Lessons: Don’t judge a book by its cover…literally. Don’t underestimate when someone says they have been hurt by a previous relationship. Everyone’s pain threshold is different, and we can’t judge how they react in comparison to how YOU would react.

Make sure you keep a watch on your surroundings. If you get an eerie feeling, 9 times out of 10 something is up, and your Spidey senses are on to something.

And lastly please make sure—you put some dang CURTAINS ON YOUR WINDOWS!!!! Don’t nobody want to see all that and you never know who is watching you from afar….
Until next time family,

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“Who killed Malcolm X?” Docuseries Review

Netflix dropped a docuseries following a regular guy investigating the death of Malcolm X. If you can sit there and watch this series and still feel comfortable as a person of color walking around in America, if you still trust the “government” and can say out your mouth that you love America….Get your cotton picking, who dis nigga up on that nag Stephen head ass on! This docuseries literally showed how the government initiated a full scale cointelpro op that isn’t legal anywhere on the planet!
They were able to turn the NOI (Nation of Islam) against Malcolm X (to get rid of Malcolm) in the most shady, sneaky down low ways and the docuseries exposes them! Then they released a big unknown fact: the person wielding the shotgun, 1 of 5 assailants, fired the fatal shots at Malcolm. You need to go watch this docuseries. It exposes how far a corrupt government (the U.S gov’t) will go, how 2 men served time in jail being innocent while the real killer lived a long fruitful life in Newark New Jersey. The government can and will infiltrate an organization and your right-hand man could be collecting a check from one time.
J Edgar Hoover the chief of the CIA stated out of his mouth that Malcolm was a problem. Why? Not because of him being a part of the NOI. Not solely because he was a great orator/speaker. J Edgar Hoover’s biggest fear was that the blacks would rise and unify and all it would take would be one man to do it. J Edgar Hoover once gave this CIA directive:
“prevent the rise of a messiah who could unify and electrify the militant black nationalist movement.”
It’s called the “black messiah complex”. There was something special about Malcolm. The gov’t had begun to keep tabs on him from his first jail stint- where he was introduced to the NOI. Malcolm was no Martin. He was over laying down and letting the police dogs bite us, Billy clubs beat us and getting spit on. Malcolm was about that action.
What Have We Learned???

1. Don’t trust the man (government) like do we really have to say this anymore? They will infiltrate your crew, slander your name and even turn your own boys against you (i.e. Black panther party)

2. No new friends…like seriously Drake was on to something. Be careful when new Negroes pop up out the blue.

3. Support your own. The NOI was able to build multi-million-dollar businesses worked by black people all sustained by the black dollar…it’s possible.

And listen I understand the rule is no snitching and when it comes to turning our own over to this same corrupt government…I understand. Which leads to—-

4 In-house problems require in-house solutions. We need to handle our own. And I would be damned if the negro that killed my mentor walks around the town afterwards like shit is sweet. It’s called “Town Business” for a reason.

I mean who isn’t still pissed at Rico for shooting Mitch?
Until next time family.
A Hoskins-Perkins