Rotating Headphones


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1.Small Tip: This gaming headset is designed for Oculus Quest 2 Elite Strap (Note: Not suitable for original headband)to provide you with incredible sound quality to let you be immersed in the VR world completely.
2.High Fidelity: The custom-length cable and stereo of the headset let you fully immerse into the VR world with no outside distractions. This headset provides deep bass, crunchy mid-tones and clear treble to ensure fully immersive gameplay.
3.Adjustable Headset: Designed for the optimal gaming experience, delivering amazingly clear and precise sound imaging for the breathtaking VR experience. Adjustable up and down according to head size and age.
4.Perfect for Gaming: The perfect portable on ear headset provides a sleek style and an excellent choice for keeping you in sync with sound that inspires, enabling you to enjoy the VR world completely and continuously.
5.3D Sounds: The single channel separate left and right calibrated headphones deliver stereo 3d 360 degree sounds, which are calibrated by direction and distance. Please note that the headset and controllers for Oculus Quest 2 are sold separately.


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