Rap Snacks Icon Ramen Noodles 12 pack


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  • THE OFFICIAL SNACKS OF HIP HOP: Rap Snacks offer a wide variety chips, popcorn, and ramen, that feature major recording artists. Each rapper has their own distinct flavor, custom packaging, and has a quote from the rapper on the back of the bag. You won’t find another snack like this!
  • UNIQUE SEASONING: Rap Snacks is the only company that features these costume flavors. No other snack company will have our unique seasonings!
  • KICK OF FLAVOR: If you love spice this is the Ramen for you. Featuring southern icon Lil Boosie, these ramen aren’ t like anything you’ve had before. You don’t have to add anything to this ramen, the combination of chicken and spices will blow your mind

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Louisiana Hot & Spicy Chicken, Beef Prime Rib


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