6 Strips of 1000g Each Hanging Desiccant (Drying Room)

Qty: 6 Strips Per Case

  • Easy to install and remove Inhibits the formation of mold, mildew, rust & corrosion
  • Absorbs up to 158% of its weight in moisture Provides 50 days or more of continuous moisture absorption
  • Substrate is made with Tyvek® material
  • Environmentally safe and can be disposed of as normal waste


To find the cubic feet of a square or rectangular shape, measure the length, width and height of the object in feet or inches. Once you have these three numbers, multiply them together to get the volume.

Divide that number by 1,360, the coverage of each case of hangers.

This final number indicates how many cases you need for your drying room at/near capacity


one unit consists of a three bag strip containing 1,000 grams secured to a convenient hook that is easy to hang in any container.

  • Use 6 units (1 case) in one 20’ GP container
  • Use 12 units (2 cases) in one 40’ GP container


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