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Are you ready for Social Dis-tancing???!!!

So I am ready for the big game. The KC Chiefs are the nations champions, and my hometown
team. With no pre-season games to break us in, we were chomping at the bit. It wasn’t Monday
night, but I was ready for some football. Amid all that is going on in the nation, the pandemic,
civil unrest; football on a Thursday night felt…safe. But to my chagrin, there was no way on earth
that 4 quarters of football WOULDN’T be affected by the nation’s problems.
COVID and the NFL, what are they doing about it? First out the gate, the cardboard cut-outs are
laughable. We don’t need any extra entertainment; we came to watch football; I don’t want to
see the People’s Champ cuddled up with the Matriarch of England!?
We understand why the seats are empty NFL owners, at least give us some respect as the NBA
had virtual screens with what, real fans. The stadium was a ghost town, the seats were empty,
there were no food lines—nada. But guess what, prices for 2 seats in the nosebleeds were around
$360!!! Yes even though there has been a pandemic, the athletes didn’t take a pay cut, the
vendors are not giving merchandise for half price. In other words—people still got to get paid.
This is the reason they are letting anyone in the stadiums at all! I read on social media this quote
and it was quite powerful and telling of where the US stands. The quote said this, it’s a shame
how here in America we have learned to live with COVID-19 rather than get rid of it. Why, you
ask? America is a corporation built on capitalism. It’s a business. Every country eats from America
and that can NOT stop.
Then they said they placed some sort of tracker on each player so if someone comes down with
COVID they would know who they have been in contact with…. oook. I do not want to fill this up
with a lot of my opinion, because once we go down the rabbit hole, there is no going back. Is the
NFL doing something to deal with social distancing? Yes. Is it the best option? Personally no, but
in the capitalist worldview that we live in, this keeps money coming in. And if money or the bag
is #goals then…. You be the judge.
Until next time family………

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