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What in the Georgia Guidestones? Part 2

The guide stones have 10 suggestions and the very first one is a brow raiser and most
pertinent to our hypothesis:

Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature

It does not say how to do this. It does not say why we should do this. And as a reader if
we do not understand the text, we must get the writers intentions. SO we look at the
author. Based upon my beliefs of this message being ancient, we probably will not know
who “coined the phrase” but who paid for the erecting of this monument? The story is
“Robert C. Christian” which was not even his real name went to the Granite Finishing
Company and commissioned the structure in 1979. He stated it was on the behalf of a
“small group of loyal Americans”. That right there is enough to raise the BS alarm.
These same loyal Americans had the bank to fund it because they had been planning
the guide stones monument for 20 years!

Not to mention the stones were defaced in 2008. People sprayed “death to the new
world order” and that is not too far from the truth. The stones also mention that we
should unite humanity with a new language. One language. All nations rule internally
resolving external disputes in a world court. One rule. Some things about structured
reproduction like the “One Child Rule” in China. A lot of things that are a total 180 from
American culture. This…… is some shady ish.

So is it crazy to think that this pandemic could have been planned by a small group of
people similar to the small group of Americans in 1971 ,trying to initiate the melding of
our current worldview into the futuristic worldview we have entertained ourselves with
through The Handmaids Tale and Hunger Games. Could there be a group of elites
outside of who we read about in the papers that controls everything. Could all world
events from the Titanic to 9/11 started as mere ideas in dark forest of a Bohemian
Grove? Or a conference room in the Bilderberg Group meeting. This economic
depression could have been agreed upon in the 1970s in the Swiss Alps while Bush
and Bin Laden’s fathers shared whiskeys by a fire?

Lesson: Research for yourself. Its 2020 and its time to stop basing your knowledge on
the spoon-fed media nuggets you receive from Fox 4. Check out some actual books.
Things that cannot be modified by any Joe Schmoe. You are now in charge of your
journey for truth.
Until next time family……

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