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COVID-19 Statement Part 2

She wasn’t happy. Camera Ready Jewelry orders were piling up due to delays with shipping because of this… virus. She shouldn’t have sent him to the store. She was so engrossed in an article she was reading about the virus. SARS CoV-2 produces a disease called COVID-19. Better known as the Coronavirus. Or as our fearless POTUS says: Chinese flu. Wow.
It was just declared a global health emergency by World Health Organization. She was so sick of hearing about washing of hands—WHEN DID WE NOT? And she was still waiting on an answer. Businesses closing, people were losing their jobs—children were out of school with nowhere to go. Parents are having to deplete their leave balances to take off to be with them. FOR AN EPIDEMIC that was out of their control? Just a few months ago her position had been prestigious—well at least honorable—ok STABLE. But now with this “Rona virus” running rampant, this virus—she was stressed.
There’s got to be more than being quarantined in this home with—him. Well, she loves him, but she had begun to enjoy her time out and about. And the children—–Let’s not talk about the children. There must be something they aren’t telling us!! She peeks out from behind her blinds towards the driveway. Still, waiting for him to come home with groceries. She pulled out her foil and Ziplock bags. She knew she had to divide up the meat into meals to ensure food would not be wasted.
He wasn’t back yet and she didn’t understand what was taking him so long. She turned on the news and instantly A PICTURE of Hypermarket filled the screen. People lined up outside the store with empty carts. Lined up to GET IN the store. She turned the TV off and tossed the remote onto the leather. She grabs her laptop and logins. She was going to get to the bottom of this.
He drove by Hypermarket and didn’t even dare turn into the parking lot. He seen the news crew in the parking lot and oh yeah, the line looping around the front of the store of people. This was the 3rd store he went to. He didn’t want to have any problems when he went home, so he was trying everywhere. He passed by Quick Casey’s his favorite morning stop before work but the only thing he could get was gas. Due to the fact gas had dropped to 1.00 per gallon. Coffee? All foods that were self-serve had been removed earlier that week. Coffee, hot dogs even fountain drinks—gone. He had to start making coffee at work—old school.
He scored a few bags of rice, sugar and a pack of salmon filets at store Number 2 but with his fare from the previous store, it still looked like not enough. He waited too long, that’s what she will say. It’s like every time he is concerned it was too late. But he had to go home. They had to figure out a plan. This virus wasn’t going to shake him up. Rumors of troops heading to every major city were flying off the rumor mills. Text messages including cryptic screenshots of conversations between military personnel including phrases like martial law, national guard. He needed answers.
And he was going to get them.

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