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I Love It When You Stalk Me

A review on the Netflix series “You”

Stalking, scheming, manipulation and murder for the one you love—never looked so good!

Netflix series “You” takes the viewer along a path that in the end, will make you wonder about yourself; make you do a self-check of your mental state. This series challenges your morals and sense of perception. Who doesn’t want a guy that cares about not only you but your ambitions and goals? A man with such discernment that he can tell what friend is for you and what friend is un-naturally obsessed with you. A man who helps you get over that toxic EX that you just can’t let go of—-and how he does that…. may be a little sketchy—but that’s all in your perception.

I mean I could ask you if murder is wrong and many would give an astounding yes, but if this person was causing a negative effect on the person you loved, would you think twice?

Netflix really pushes the boundaries by blending infatuation with good intentions. It makes you really consider how far you will go for someone you love. There are some definite sweet and normal moments. I mean encouraging a person to explore their relationship with their dead drug addicted father to pull something greater out of them as a writer—that’s a beautiful thing. A person who believes in you and supports you; sees something in you that no one else does, it’s invaluable. A person who pushes you to become the greatest version of you at all cost—will never betray you.

And so what if it involves a 10 X 10 plexiglass room within a soundproof basement. Stealing your broken cellphone to stay signed in to your “cloud” so he doesn’t miss an opportunity to show up at the right place at the right time. Maybe following behind you throughout your day 15 feet behind, far enough to not look obvious but close enough to not miss a single thing, I mean don’t we want someone who gets the details? How far is too far when it comes to love?

Lessons: Don’t judge a book by its cover…literally. Don’t underestimate when someone says they have been hurt by a previous relationship. Everyone’s pain threshold is different, and we can’t judge how they react in comparison to how YOU would react.

Make sure you keep a watch on your surroundings. If you get an eerie feeling, 9 times out of 10 something is up, and your Spidey senses are on to something.

And lastly please make sure—you put some dang CURTAINS ON YOUR WINDOWS!!!! Don’t nobody want to see all that and you never know who is watching you from afar….
Until next time family,

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