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“Who killed Malcolm X?” Docuseries Review

Netflix dropped a docuseries following a regular guy investigating the death of Malcolm X. If you can sit there and watch this series and still feel comfortable as a person of color walking around in America, if you still trust the “government” and can say out your mouth that you love America….Get your cotton picking, who dis nigga up on that nag Stephen head ass on! This docuseries literally showed how the government initiated a full scale cointelpro op that isn’t legal anywhere on the planet!
They were able to turn the NOI (Nation of Islam) against Malcolm X (to get rid of Malcolm) in the most shady, sneaky down low ways and the docuseries exposes them! Then they released a big unknown fact: the person wielding the shotgun, 1 of 5 assailants, fired the fatal shots at Malcolm. You need to go watch this docuseries. It exposes how far a corrupt government (the U.S gov’t) will go, how 2 men served time in jail being innocent while the real killer lived a long fruitful life in Newark New Jersey. The government can and will infiltrate an organization and your right-hand man could be collecting a check from one time.
J Edgar Hoover the chief of the CIA stated out of his mouth that Malcolm was a problem. Why? Not because of him being a part of the NOI. Not solely because he was a great orator/speaker. J Edgar Hoover’s biggest fear was that the blacks would rise and unify and all it would take would be one man to do it. J Edgar Hoover once gave this CIA directive:
“prevent the rise of a messiah who could unify and electrify the militant black nationalist movement.”
It’s called the “black messiah complex”. There was something special about Malcolm. The gov’t had begun to keep tabs on him from his first jail stint- where he was introduced to the NOI. Malcolm was no Martin. He was over laying down and letting the police dogs bite us, Billy clubs beat us and getting spit on. Malcolm was about that action.
What Have We Learned???

1. Don’t trust the man (government) like do we really have to say this anymore? They will infiltrate your crew, slander your name and even turn your own boys against you (i.e. Black panther party)

2. No new friends…like seriously Drake was on to something. Be careful when new Negroes pop up out the blue.

3. Support your own. The NOI was able to build multi-million-dollar businesses worked by black people all sustained by the black dollar…it’s possible.

And listen I understand the rule is no snitching and when it comes to turning our own over to this same corrupt government…I understand. Which leads to—-

4 In-house problems require in-house solutions. We need to handle our own. And I would be damned if the negro that killed my mentor walks around the town afterwards like shit is sweet. It’s called “Town Business” for a reason.

I mean who isn’t still pissed at Rico for shooting Mitch?
Until next time family.
A Hoskins-Perkins

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